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My name is Paul Garcia, and I would like to welcome you to Martial Arts for Excellence (MAFE) website. MAFE and specifically our Success Coaching Program was developed to help martial arts school owners manage and grow their schools.

There are a lot of systems out there and a lot of get rich quick schemes of marketing but they all have the same problem. Lack of a strong foundation.

There is a big need for simple, but very effective, cutting edge training modules that help you become more effective, more efficient and more profitable but at the same time focuses on building and maintaining a strong foundation.

The training modules, marketing and management materials contained within the member pages of this web site have come from over 20 years of experience in working for, and with, some of our industries top professionals. As the former Vice President, and Senior Consultant for one of the world's largest Martial Arts consulting, marketing and management companies, I've had the unique experience of working hands on with hundreds of Martial Art schools. I've also had the unique experience of running one of the countries largest Martial Arts schools, as well as managing six of my own.

During this time, I had been exposed to countless business and school management systems, both business systems that worked, and those that didn't. From this experience I have been able to streamline, and create many of our school management modules that are literally helping hundreds of schools across the country.

Many martial arts consulting companies and individual martial arts schools have been benefiting from our school management business and staff development systems - and now you can too!
Because I run my schools with the same business systems you can see them live and in action.

Every Monday we have our Power Up Staff Meeting for all our instructors. We broadcast this live on the web and by teleconference.

Our MAFE members are encouraged to join us online or on the phone to listen in and participate in the live training. We review school stats, focus on areas and methods of improvement, plan and review marketing, teach leadership skills, review victories and every week we teach a component of the Success System. Each month we focus on revenue producing and school building topics such as The Intro Lesson and Mastering the Sign Up as well as Renewals and Upgrades.

Don't worry if you miss a meeting. All of our meetings are recorded in HD video and available on the website as well as in podcasts.

The best way to see what we are about is to contact us. No matter how big or small you are, we can help you take it to the next level.
Dedicated to your success,
Master Paul Garcia


Check out a few of our free videos

We put up a few videos of segments from our Monday Morning Power-Up Staff meeting so you can see some of the great information we have for you.

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Instructors Looking for Add-Ons and Resources

Start here if you are a current martial arts school owner that is only looking for programs to add on to or to enhance current programs at your school.

Instructors looking for Coaching or Mentoring

This is a great place to start if you are looking for a more personal way to grow your school and programs.

New School Owners Looking for a Template for Success

This is a perfect place to start for everything you need to build a successful school.

Contact us for more info

We are here to help you with Martial Arts Business Planning, School Growth, Staff Development, Program Enhancers, Special Event Planning, Monthly Marketing, Growing your School, Generating Revenue, & Leadership Development. We plan on helping you grow your school by improving internal and external marketing, optimizing the info call, scheduling new student appointments, the Child and Adult Intro Lessons, The Sign Up Process and Handling Objections. We will also walk you through the renewal and upgrade process. We can also help you with social media and to grow your Pro Shop. Most importantly we will teach you to master your stats. Understanding stats gives you the power to quickly identify the areas of your school that are underperforming.

Master Paul Garcia is an Active School Owner and Martial Artist.

A consultant and mentor who walks lives what he teaches.

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