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Consulting, Mentoring and Success Coaching:

Master Garcia’s experience is definitely “unique”. After enjoying a successful career as a point fighter on the World Champion John Paul Mitchell National Karate Team, Master Garcia went on to open his first school at the age of only 19.

Within two years of opening that school, it quickly became one of the largest single schools in the New England area – with an active count of over 350 students (1992).

Because of the success of that school, Master Garcia was invited to become the Senior Consultant for United Professionals. A Martial Arts Billing and Management company with over 300 clients. There, Master Garcia continued to gain valuable experience as he coached and consultant many of this countries top school owners.

After working several years in the consulting field, Master Garcia decided to return to his first love – owning and operating a Martial Arts school.

In 1999 Master Garcia opened America’s Best Defense in Plainville, Massachusetts. There he continued his tradition of running a high level Martial Art facility by setting a record in the industry to signing up over 300 students in just 6 months.

The facility eventually grew to over 600 students in just 3 years.

Today, the America’s Best Defense system has grown into 6 thriving schools. Master Garcia also continues to consult and coach many schools through out the United States. He had been a guest speaker and trainer for such groups as:

National Association of Professional Martial Artist (NAPMA).
United Professionals.
Educational Funding Company.
Martial Arts University (M.A.U.I.)
The Bob Alexander Resource Group.

Currently, Master Garcia has dedicated his time by taking the experience he has gained over the years and formatting it into training modules.

This online resource center, is the result of his passion to share, and help as many others enjoy the success and privilege of doing for a living what he considers to be one of the most noble professions in life:

Teaching Martial Arts.


The lines between consulting and mentoring often get blurred. Many schools just want an opinion as to how they might improve in a certain area or solve a certain problem. We happy to provide this service. We will analyze all your data and formulate solutions for you.

We also provide School Evaluations. We will come to your school and provide an in-depth evaluation. These evaluations are honest and sincere. We will tell you what we love about your school but we will aslo detail out all the specifec problems we find and areas identified as needing improvement.

If you need help implementing the solutions than that's where mentoring comes in.

Mentoring :

Mentoring is not just me giving you a solution to a problem nor is it hand holding. I see mentoring as an opportunity to help someone grow. My goal as a mentor reflects the true nature of a cornerman. A cornerman is someone who stays outside the ring but is there every step of the way with you. He is someone who works tirelessly ensuring the best training. He encourages you and prepares you for the fight. He guides you during the fight pointing out strengths and weaknesses. He tends to your cuts and gets you ready for the next round. He is there lift you up when you win or to help you up if you loose. He is someone you can trust.

Under a mentoring arrangement, you will become a close part of our ABD family as an ABD Affiliate and share in the knowledge and strengths of this family. One of the greatest benefits of our mentoring program is the Monday Morning Power Up Staff Meetings. Every Monday after an hour of intense physical training, we gather as a team for weekly business training. These sessions bring together local and national school owners both physically and virtually with technology to discuss the very core principles of running a successful and profitable martial arts school. These sessions are the roots of the ABD system.

The greatest thing about these meetings is that this is the REAL DEAL. The meetings are not staged. There are no actors. These are real school owners discussing real problems with real solutions and real victories.

You will quickly see that the ABD System is a system in action. That the techniques are real and better yet the results are real.

If you are in the New England area you are encouraged to attend the meetings in person. If travel is an issue you may attend virtually either by phone or by internet. Finally if you can not attend weekly or miss a meeting, ALL MEETINGS are video recorded and archived. You can download whatever you miss in Audio format, Video format or Pod cast.

Mentoring through the ABD Affiliate program is your best chance at attaining the success you desire.



Success Coaching:

Success Coaching is Business Boot Camp. In both the Consulting and the Mentoring aspects of our business, I have come across too many who are missing some of the basic focus, foundation and formula that a business needs to survive. Although this program is tailored toward the new business owner, it would highly benefit all school owners at every level. Below is a description of the program.

  • A more personal journey toward your success. Due to increasing numbers of school owners seeking my services and my passion for helping smaller schools succeed, I have decided to expand my mentoring program to include a success coaching program. What's the difference? The Success Coaching Program is a weekly program designed to build and grow your school the proper way. New School Owners were getting a little overwhelmed in the Mentoring Program and I realized that the foundation of most small martial arts schools are not as solid as I thought (or as the school owners thought). When we test our Black Belts we include all the curriculum from White Belt on up. This is because each belts' curriculum builds on the foundations previously laid. The business side of your school is the same. Without some business basics you will never have a healthy buisness.

    Success Coaching is a weekly program where we will communicate by email. I will email you a short seminar which will follow a monthly theme with 2-3 homework questions. The following week we will discuss the seminar and there will be an audio download as well. Weeks 3 and 4 will follow a similar format either expanding on the same topic or bridging to a similar topic.

  • Although we are marketing this program to New School Owners, Owners of all experience levels can benefit from the basics. Often our foundations get damaged or eroded by time, neglect or lack of focus. The Success Coaching could be a great opportunity to strengthen those foundations and keep you school healthy and prosperus.

  • This is also a great way to train new staff members!!!

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Master Paul Garcia is an Active School Owner and Martial Artist.

A consultant and mentor who walks lives what he teaches.

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