Client Testimonials
The following are some unsolicited comments from our clients.


Summer is an AWFUL time of year…

For the vast majority of my career that statement ran through my head. Every July and August we consistently lost students and did not gain. Our instructor constantly told us that it was because we had the wrong attitude- if you know me well I am an eternal optimist - but even I couldn't fathom how thinking growth would change this problem. It was a very stressful time as I was being expected to add 20 students a month (which didn’t even happen in peek months) and we could not produce the results--EVERYONE else does it I was told. When we opened on our own school the thought was maybe to even close the school during the summer or take the summer off myself and have Skelton crew.

That's when we started with MAFE.

Master Garcia talked about record breaking summers. Many of the actions suggested I had heard before, but something was different. There was a specific plan that matched the peeks and lows of the seasons. Instead of pretending that things don’t slow down in the summer - we planned our business to succeed despite of the change. To sit down and recognize the lows and plan accordingly as to still meet the goals...

What a concept.

Also, it wasn't just talk, these record breaking summers. It was real school owners with real plans and ideas that shared and I could call to learn how to improve.

Since that summer EVERY SUMMER has been a record breaker. Reviewing my stats the gross in July has consistently been the highest of that year almost "launching" us into the second half of the year.

What changed?

Attitude – Plan - Expectations.

Knowing my stats so I could plan accordingly!

Asking questions.

Master Garcia often says "The high tide raises all the boats" with MAFE this 100% true--- but if you don't put you boat in because there may be a storm, you will never experience the thrill and excitement.

One more business day left in August for us. Not only have we had a record breaking summer but both July and August we have done record breaking business!

Sensei Alexandria Buzzell


Master Garcia,

I had a great weekend and learned a lot. I have been doing the intro procedure for years with good success and have been shown many different ways but not the way you broke it down (the formula format) on the ins & outs of the intro procedure. My other take away is the Sign-up & Goal & Review Meeting hearing them during the teleconference focusing on the word HEARING it on the Monday meeting, but actually watching it & having it explained why it's done that way made a lot of sense. I think you, Master Spoth & Sensei Tiano did an awesome job.

Now moving to the curriculum. Master Spoth w/ the Krav Maga curriculum & his approach to the self defense was a breath of fresh air. You of course giving us more ideas & instructing us on how to become better instructors is great. You never cease to amaze me. You bring a lot of hope back into the martial arts industry which I feel has been missing for sometime. Thank you!

The last thing was seeing old faces & making new friends. I think the weekend was very productive for everyone on my team including myself look forward to coming back in September.

Eddie Diaz
Diaz Martial Arts
San Marcos, TX


Hi Master Garcia,

Just wanted to let you know that the seminar on April 4th and 5th was truly a weekend of progress, growth, and change! The combination of actual training and learning was a great balance because martial arts should always be mental and physical. I walked away with more information to improve my school from this seminar than any other event I've attended! I improved my self defense curriculum, enhanced my escrima stick curriculum, improved my little dragons program, improved our overall new student procedures and system and so much more! Thank you for the opportunity and I cannot wait for the next event. I always speak highly about you, your school and your Monday business meetings and now the weekend seminar!

Pedro Xavier

Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy

Pedro Xavier -


Master Garcia,

Hope you are doing great! I heard Master Tran was at your school this week, I bet it was fun. We are also following Master Tran's curriculum and are enjoying it very much. We are going to his training at his dojo in August.

I wanted to say a quick thank you. I have been in business for 16 years. I have always struggled with the concept of Black Belt Training. I always felt that my weakest area in my business was doing the "upgrade" conference. I always felt like my sales process was flawed, I had no confidence in it and ultimately my upgrade "game" has always suffered.

I saw you speak several times at the MAUI Warriors Weekend on TRUST system, and I loved it. Last Friday I went out by my pool and listened to the EFC talking newsletter, I believe it was recorded at their convention or something. It took me 6 hours to listen to the 49 minute lecture! I wrote down every concept (it is attached)

I now feel very confident. I also feel like I am truly doing the upgrade for the right reasons and no longer feel like I am
manipulating people into joining a program.



Sr. Master Ron Sell
7th Degree Black Belt
Master Instructor

Sr. Master Ron Sell -


Master Garcia,

Your presentation at Warriors Weekend was awesome. I could have listened to you much longer, your topic, the content and your overall presentation was absolutely AAA-rated!

To say the least...I liked it :)

I hope you enjoyed the rest of the weekend as well and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Stay in touch!

Kyoshi Steve LaVallee
USA Blackbelt Champions

Master Garcia,

I am almost speechless with gratitude. This weekend's training was incredible! Every aspect, of each subject area, was totally dissected, cross-sectioned and layed out for us to easily ingest and digest.

I loved the physical training you selected to present to us. You brought in two highly skilled trainers, and masters of their crafts. Master Spoth and Master Diaz were so highly energetic, passionate, and thorough in their training presentations, even with throbbing knees, I found it hard to stop when I could not continue. The beauty of it was that the Boxing, the Escrima stick fighting and the Krav are all so practical. They stress the economy of movement and powerful defenses that are so necessary today. They will be implemented into my Adult Class immediately. I am excited about MAPS, and welcome it as new life into my Little Dragons system.

The philosophy and psychology involved in each system, from Intros to Upgrades was easy to follow, and now my Black Belts also understand that we are ALL involved in the Upgrade, from day 1. Thank you for being so emphatic in that area. It's not something I really considered, or stressed to them before. I learned so many vital details, about the "systems". I have so much implementing and tweaking to do.

Ten students and instructors from my school attended the event, over the course of 3 days, and all of them left excited about the training. They were thrilled, as was I, that they were able to participate. That was all because you made it possible and affordable for even a small school like ours. There is no way that we would have been able to take advantage of this unique opportunity otherwise.

I love the camaraderie that our team displayed together, and I truly believe that you have created a "unique team", among us. It was good to see the "faces from the teleconference".

Somewhere along the way, I heard the phrase, "Your living is directly related to your giving". To me, you epitomize that phrase. You always give 900 % . Thank you so much.

God bless,

Wanda J. White
Boston Taekwon Do


Thanks for a great Instructor College this weekend.

I came with a couple clear goals in mind: To get more clarity on Master Spoth's Krav Maga, to train on Intros and Upgrades, and to learn the stickfighting pattern from Master Diaz. However, my major goal was to expose my young staff to the bigger picture of what we're trying to accomplish.

I think ABD is right on the cutting edge, and that's why I'm here. I'm interested in helping my students and staff achieve their goals using the best possible curriculum for the job. ABD has a progressive mindset and is not content with using what "might" work or what "used to" work, instead stressing the need for constant inspection and improvement. I think this is an invaluable attitude to adopt, and this weekend helped communicate that to my staff very well.

As I mentioned to you, there were a lot of very big take-aways this weekend. There were also a lot of seemingly "small" details that will actually prove to be of the biggest value later on. From an adjustment made to a Goals and Review meeting, to how to more effectively break someone's finger during a bear hug attack, I think the "small stuff" will prove to be the biggest over time.

Lastly, the Instructors themselves: Yourself, Master Spoth, and Master Diaz. The contrast of teaching personalities couldn't be wider (in a good way, of course) and that alone set a great example.

Again, thank you sir for putting together such an educational weekend and assembling a great cast of instructors. I'm looking forward to the next one this fall.


Charlie McShane


Check out this website which highlights Master Garcia among others.

Sensei McShane -

Hey Master Garcia,

Its Meena or Mr. Gurguis, one of Master McShane's
instructors. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed the seminar and
classes on saturday. It was a great physical and mental experience that I
for one definetely did enjoy. You showed me a new way to teach that is more
effective and is more professional at every aspect. I will definetely use those 9
pages I filled out for the rest of my life hopefully adding more pages each time.
You are a great Master and teacher and your instructors and students are fantastic.
Thank you for the excruciating workout too. My legs are killing me.

Mr. Gurguis

Master Garcia,

This past weekend, was an experience to remember for a long time.

The moment I walked into your dojo I felt and saw the energy throughout the room with 100 plus martial artist under one roof waiting to learn with some of the finest people around. It was a good time together learning from Master Spouth with Krav-Maga and Mr. Diaz with Arnis and Boxing. It was exciting to practice the drills with you, Master Spouth, Master Pina, Master Xavier, and Master Luzzi.

I would like to congratulate your staff for doing an excellent job with Xtreme Form.

What I have learned from you not just in martial arts but also how to run a successful School is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for having me as part of your team!


John Lima

Master John Lima -

Master Garcia,

Gregory Richards from Inner Strength. I just wanted to let you know just how much of an impact the power weekend has had on us. For whatever reason, we have over the years strayed from what made us successful. When we first joined UP and with your help, we went from 37 to 250 students. Then, slowly we shrank, currently we are at 80 students in Karate and 27 in Kickboxing.

Within the first hour we knew that we made the right choice. We had to get back to what we did before. By this I mean, the school is about them, not us. The focus is on giving them what they want or need, not what we think they want or need. That in order for us to grow, they have to grow.

Today, We did sizzle time with pad soccer before class. Then after the bow in I explained the FFB of pad soccer. That "game" was teaching them a valuable skill that they could use in school and how. In class, I spoke of Commitment, to a technique, to training, in life, school, home, etc. (which I took from the Krav class by Master Spoth). I stressed it all class.

I spoke to some of the students who have been with us for years and explained our "new" vision. I asked them if they remember how the school use to be. You could tell by their expression that those were positive memories. Then I told them we are going back to those days and everyone smiled. I teased them with some quick examples of what to expect and how I will need their help and what I will do for them in return.

So, what did it do for us? It may have just saved our business, and at least reminded me of why it is I did this in the first place and the power that I have to help others.

Thank you so very much,

Gregory Richards

Dear Mr. Garcia,

Thank you very much for providing me the opportunity to speak in front of your group of schools. This was the first time I've ever presented or talked in front of that many people (except for a best man speech), and it was a great experience. I hope that the information I provided to your group was useful, informative and people enjoyed the presentation. Also - I was extremely impressed by your school and yourself. You are a very inspiring teacher and speaker. And, I loved the message of "be a martial artist, not a business man" - that has been on my mind ever since, and was very "refreshing" to hear. Your facility is something that was just AWESOME I never knew a martial arts school could be that great. Very, very impressive. Lastly, if possible - I would like to reach out to them one more time to your group in-case some of them did not receive a website review that wanted one. I did talk to some of them, but not at full-length. Would it be possible to send you team one email? I could write it and you could send it on my behalf. Thank you again for the opportunity. I greatly, greatly appreciated it.

Matt Bryers

Master Garcia,

I hope you are reading this upon your return from vacation, and we just wanted to extend our gratitude to you again for allowing us to be a part of the Power Weekend. I did not think I could be impressed much more by your skills, but you have proved me wrong again. Your leadership and coaching skills are incredible, and you have built a fine team of dojo owners who have the utmost respect for you. It was a very rewarding experience, and we are already working to implement some of the valuable tools that we took from the event.

We are leaving for Arizona on Wednesday for our CRM software seminar and will be back on Saturday. All of the material will be complete for the new Lifestyle programs, and they are all up on the website now. The Sheehan Lifestyle Discover & Improve programs will be the ones that we will focus on for ABD students, and I truly feel we can deliver the value that will benefit them. The features are on the website, and the goal is to then get them in here so we can match up the benefits to their goals. See - I was listening!

I did have a couple of owners ask me about the newsletter, and of course I have no problem if you don't of any of them posting it on their site. We are honored to be included with your affiliates, and would be happy to do more presentations if any of your people are interested. With the new programs in place, I feel much more confident that we can help!

In leaving, I just want to thank you once more. As I have said, we are blessed to have met you and hope that we will be able to return the goodwill someday that you have provided us. Have a great vacation and 40th Birthday celebration!

Tom Sheehan
Owner & President
Sheehan Personal Training
71 Elm Street, Ste 10
Foxboro, MA 02035
Fax 508.543.1314

Hello Master Garcia:

Hey sir, just wanted to take a quick minute to write and thank you for all your assistance, teaching, and guidance both at Power Weekend and in your mentoring group. I joined MAFE in November of 2009 and have been extremely impressed and humbled at the same time. Since joining your group/team I have been reminded and retaught the basics of the martial arts business plus many new and exciting teaching and business strategies.

I particularly like your saying of “be a martial artist not a businessman” while you definitely go above and beyond teaching the business side of things; you also keep us focused on our true love and passion which is the martial arts. Your business systems are simple yet very effective and it keeps the student first.

You’ve given me wise counsel on the opening of my next school in addition to curriculum help, marketing, and personal development. I am super motivated and look forward to being a part of your group/team for a long time to come.


Will Schneider
Elite Combat Challenge
Senior Coordinator
Promoters Championship
166 Middleground Way Apt. 2
London, KY 40744